Friday, May 31, 2013

Home and Moving

We're home! You have to love the prairie-- the scenery that is mostly sky and the land that stretches out forever. Driving into Manitoba this time I was struck by the fact that we are home... maybe not for long, and certainly not totally. But for now, this is home. Our lives are settling here, our hearts are finding a place. God is good. You, our friends, have helped us to this place. We are graced, blessed.

Since we got home last week we've been serious about getting school done, Kevin's been working, Garry's been helping his dad on a deck, and we've been trying to catch up with some of the things that we left undone while we were on the road. It's been nice to see the sunshine and have some warmer temperatures... though I could do with a little more heat and more sun, from my perspective!

And now that we've gotten home, we're moving to a new house! It's only a few miles away, and we're trying to be organized about this move since we don't have to crate things up. So we're planning to move sort of by rooms and make sure everything is properly sorted before we take it anywhere (yeah, some things we just stuffed into boxes last year when we arrived and realized we wouldn't need them here after all!) I was thinking I could write a book on moving-- moving in 3 presentations-- changing houses, changing cities, and changing countries! And now, I supposed I should get to it!

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