Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Joy and laughter....

I was looking through our photos and these made me laugh... it almost looks like trick photography, the big faces and little paper cups. It's a reminder of a moment of laughter, fun, silliness. And we need those! This summer I've been reminded again that we need to laugh, to smile, to enjoy the journey of living. Joy waits to surprise us multiple times a day, but we can choose to rush by it. Or we can take a moment to savor it.
A baby's smile, a teen's joke, the blessing of a friend, an unexpected phone call, a note of thanks. A sunrise, wildflowers, growing fields, puppies playing in the yard, a hug from a friend. God created a perfect world, and parts of it remain. Creativity and beauty remind us that God exists and that He is good. They bring us back toward truth and goodness and healing. They call us to a home we've never seen before!

Home assignment is keeping us busy these days as we catch up on things that need done after being gone for years. And part of what needs done is processing the past years and seeing God make more sense of our story. Our last years have been both challenging and rewarding, and as we ponder the times and people we left behind we are blessed, encouraged, and strengthened to move ahead. Surprised by the strength of memories, the depth of bonds, the fruit of truth, and the reward of being a small part of God's epic plan, a plan we continue to walk in here as you do. A plan that encompasses time and eternity, the world and each individual. 

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