Saturday, July 13, 2013

Shows, Friends, and Stitches

If you take more than one photo at a given event, don't even read this blog. Seriously.... we have some cool but distant photos of the Blue Angels and this one. And maybe I will crop and post more still:). But for today, this is what I came up with!

Garry, his dad, and Kaleb had a blast checking out the airplanes and watching the amazing stunts. I think Kaleb liked it especially much because he basically views airplanes as forms of transportation, so some of the stuff they did was incredible.Three generations, a day together. How special is that? I love it!

Last week we invited Kevin's coach and his family for dinner. It was so much fun to spend the evening with them and enjoy having a little person around for an evening (their son is 16 months old). They live in the city and I think it was nice to spend the evening in the country, enjoy a walk on our airstrip, and see some birds. The ticks and mosquitos weren't quite so much fun! But we are blessed with friends and opportunities... I love that!

And Kevin got stitches just over a week ago! His head,  knee and the trampoline didn't get along so well. When I first saw the blood I was not at all impressed. Another thing that needs fixing?! And our first stop at the ER wasn't terribly friendly. But in the end, Kevin got stitches in record time... and his view on the difficulty of going to ER/getting medical help dramatically changed. Something that seemed bad turned good. I love that!

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