Friday, March 20, 2015

Family Update

I realized the other day that I've been doing a lot of rambling here, and not a lot of updating on us as a family. We are incredibly blessed to be on this journey together as a family. We love to work and play together, and though we are in different countries, we continue to invest together. It's a privilege we don't take lightly! So here's a quick update...

Garry is busy at work pursuing various aspects of safety. These days his focus is on SMS software choices, creating an integrated flight & maintenance manual structure, addressing a small incident that occurred a couple weeks ago, updating walk-through procedures & follow-through, and strategic planning. He's enjoyed some days working in the shop and is looking forward to a visit from Jim next week to work together on maintenance manuals.

I spend most of my days at home, keeping things clean and food on the table, homeschooling Kaleb, and preparing for the people who come by. I'm also enjoying doing secretarial work for Garry and being part of the strategic planning initiative with him. Our current task is to come up with specific criteria that define what makes a successful mission aviator as we seek to make the training here as effective as possible.

Kevin is in Manitoba, training for badminton and working. He enjoyed Canada Winter Games and is gearing up for Jr Nationals in just over a month. Lately he's had a lot of opportunities to coach, which has opened some neat doors for interaction and living truth. It has been neat to see him develop more friendships in Manitoba  and we've been blessed by the various people who are investing in what he feels God calling him to in the badminton world. He was recently approached about another opportunity which we are praying about and excited to see God unfold.

Kaleb is a busy figuring out life in a new world. He is almost ready to release an animation he's worked on for over a year and we are excited about the message it portrays. He's also the big brother to a lot of the neighbourhood kids, which they love and their parents appreciate. We love the way he is making use of this opportunity and are excited to see where it takes him. He continues to do well in school. study videography, build jumps, and dirt jump.

Family. What a gift!


Jolyn said...

Love you guys!!! Enjoyed reading your newsletter and family update! Love how our families overlap in so many ways. Thankful to God for our friendship! Blessings on each of you!!!

Garry and Cynthia Barkman said...

Thanks, Jolyn! Love you and your family. So thankful to be related and friends.... an amazing privilege! Blessings to you and yours today!