Monday, March 23, 2015

Investment Opportunities

Here at Moody we are working with people who are headed to various places overseas, former students who are paying off debt and gaining experience before heading out as well as current students. One family has just finished their technical evaluation with NTMA and plans to begin training with NTM in August. Two families are headed to Alaska to serve first nations people in a remote environment there. Another family plans to leave for JAARS this summer to begin serving with them. Yeah, God!

Apart from the ways we have opportunity to invest throughout the work day, we’ve enjoyed getting to know students and staff, having people over for meals or coffee.  One young engaged couple has been at our house a few times and has asked to spend an evening talking specifically about serving overseas as a couple. Kaleb has been interacting with the neighborhood kids, and has opened doors for us to interact as a family, sharing love and living truth. In fact, several people have talked about Kaleb or us watching their houses while they’re gone, which speaks of the character they see in him as he interacts with their kids.

While we seek to invest, we are also enjoying networking, interacting with various people who have offered to help. One such gentleman is bringing his wife and coming to spend a couple days with Garry in the office, working on aviation manuals. We are looking forward to having dinner with them and hearing their God story. Mike and Gwen work as New Tribes Mission representatives in the area, and it’s been a privilege to spend some time with them and hear how God is calling people to bring His truth to remote groups all over the world. Another young guy is training with hopes of working in the inner city, and it's been a privilege to see his heart.

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