Saturday, March 14, 2015

Hold Your Ground

Life has a way of feeling like a war, a series of battles related to relationships, habits, productivity, and value. Whenever we drive by this little coffee shop it makes me smile, and the play on words is a good reminder. of the reality of life.  I've been thinking how important it is that in each battle we hold our ground, ground gained in former battles. Each day, week, and month we have the option to build on the foundations that have been built over time, to enjoy the ground we've gained or  to destroy the things we've built, to give ground away that we've already won, to shrink instead of grow. In theory it's an easy choice.

In reality, these days of settling in a new place it is easy to feel we have no ground, that we are fighting for the same things we had in former places-- routines, friendships, productivity, etc. However,  the reality is that the ground we gained before comes with us in many ways. The relationships we've invested in have grown us, good habits can be maintained even if they need changes in a new place, and the things we've learned are often applied in new ways. Holding ground is powerful and the realisation that God has given us ground is empowering as we face the daily battles of life, no matter where we are. 

We live in a land of His choice, a life ordered by Him. He has brought us on an incredible journey this far, and the changes that seem enormous and the trials we face will look "light and momentary" in retrospect. In many ways, we can choose to see them as light and momentary now, to continually call on God for His perspective on the circumstances of life. And His perspective is certainly easier to live in than our natural one!

Garry has had opportunity to work in  the shop a couple of days this week as well as his hours in the office. Several of the guys are doing some organising in one of the maintenance shops, which is a rewarding process. In the office Garry has been working on several fronts, focusing his energy on 5 areas of safety this week. Each has seen some progress, which is very rewarding.

While I spend much of my time schooling Kaleb and doing the normal routines of keeping house, I also enjoy the time I can invest in Moody Aviation. I do secretarial work for Garry as well as investing in mission aviation through various relationships with other women.

Kaleb has been enjoying the warmer weather and the opportunities it gives for more bike riding, basketball-playing outside, and just being outside.

Kevin is back in Manitoba after Canada Winter Games, working and training. His car was broken into this week, which has given him opportunity to learn a few things he didn't plan to learn just now. He also spent a couple days up north. coaching in Grand Rapids, MB with a friend of his.

As the daily battles continue may each of us hold the ground we've been given and expand into new opportunities and areas. May we find peace in the land God is enlarging us to possess!

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