Saturday, April 04, 2015

Black Saturday & Divine Intervention

Here is a short Lego Animation Kaleb did about Easter for a contest. In 20 seconds he tells a story of truth and redemption

Several years ago on this day, Black Saturday, we were on a long trip in the Philippines. Almost no one was on the road, and being new to the country, we wondered why. We were told that most people believed that God was dead every year on Black Saturday. They were afraid to do most anything because there was no God to protect them if things went wrong. The days leading up to Easter are sad days there, days when people pay penance in hard ways and sins are brought to mind.

Here there is little sadness and I haven't seen anyone doing penance (though i'm sure some are). Easter, like Christmas, feels like a buying frenzy. Now it's decorations in spring colors, Easter basket treats, mountains of chocolate, and a million things depicting bunnies and eggs.

It struck me today how lost we are. How desperately in need of grace. Everywhere you go, people are trying to either pay for their sins or forget them. Busyness rules our lives on this side of the world much the way animism does in many places. We worship production and money. We respect people who have it all and emulate those whose lives glitter.

Either way, we are lost. No matter how you cut it, we are in desperate need of divine intervention or we will spend eternity in hell. Easter celebrates that intervention. The God of the Universe paying for our sins so we wouldn't need to and rising again so we could also live in freedom. A relationship with God opened to us so we could find abundance in Him. The power of the resurrection to live lives free of sin and bondage, serving the One who rules over all.

Here is a short (20 sec) animation Kaleb did for an Easter contest

This is a weekend to celebrate paid debts and Light shining in the Darkness. I pray you know the Light and experience His warmth. I trust your faith in Him is deep regardless of the experiences you may be facing.

I pray my faith grows and that I celebrate Easter in spirit and in truth. I pray you do the same.

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