Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Nasty Cold

I thought when the weather turned warm, the colds would be gone. But though I've remained quite healthy through the winter, I have a nasty cold now. When it's warm and sunny. When there are a million things I want to do. When things are busy. When I don't really have time to be down.

All the same, down I am. And I realised there really isn't a good time to get sick. Who has times in life that they don't have much to do or many things to enjoy? Not most of us. And I am no different. But being sick is actually good for me. I am reminded that I am not indispensable. The things I want to do can wait. The things I'd like to do can wait. I really have no choice in the matter, I've been put in my place and it's a very comforting thing when I think a little more. After all, God's got it under control. He doesn't need my striving or trying: He simply wants my obedience and faith. And I believe this lesson is applicable when I am well again (hopefully soon!): I can simply rest in God's leading day by day. And His call on my life is simple, though often impossible. It's a good thing, after all, to be sick for a few days!

Last week Garry had this cold and we were all a bit tired. That's when we got a text from Garry's brother-in-law inviting us for lunch. While Fern & Alan live a few hours away, they were heading to a town closer to us. Without much thought we piled in the car and met them for lunch. It was great to see them, fun to go for a drive, a blessing ordained as just what we needed this weekend!

I think I'm done talking for now, mostly because my head hurts and I can't figure how to string words together anymore. A little more pain killer and back to resting....

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