Friday, April 17, 2015

Kaleb's week & "Saved"

Some weeks it seems that one or the other of us has a lot of excitement. This was Kaleb's week. Over a year ago, when we were doing relief work in the Philippines, Kaleb started talking about making a short Lego film about a man who is cornered by a sniper. The idea grew into storyboards and soon he was building sets. One set, then another. Months passed an he started editing. A friend agreed to do the soundtrack. Editing continued. It's been over a year, but Kaleb has persevered in this project, and this week he released his film which he titled, "Saved". I've been amazed to watch this film come together, to see the things he's learning and his ability to manipulate shots, lighting, and dialogue. You might enjoy watching this great short film HERE


This week Kaleb also volunteered at Kids Club at our church, a great opportunity to reach out to neighbourhood kids, some of whom do not receive a lot of teaching or attention from their parents. He enjoyed playing games and then being part of the teaching time. Later that evening he attended Youth Group, which was also a new experience. One of the leaders, Adam, was super helpful... and turned out to be a missionary kid himself.

Garry and I enjoyed our week also. This week one of our focuses was the learning environment and how we as staff at a Bible Institute can best help students to thrive in their years of schooling and beyond. As we read through some of the latest research we were reminded of the Bible and the principles that God has impressed on us over the years about the value of community, honesty, and growth. 

This evening we're looking forward to enjoying the musical, "Oliver", put on by Moody. May your weekend also be enjoyable and productive, investing in thing that matter in ways God has gifted YOU!

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