Sunday, October 15, 2006

The past week I've been so busy working with numbers that I've gotten far behind in words. It seems that time has flown by as Garry and I have worked through some financial issues here and I've tried to keep up with school with the boys. We are close to finishing that project now, and I think Garry will be doing most of the work that's left on it:).

Our trip to Lada, planned for this week, has been postponed. There were a lot of things involved, making the timing poor. We are thankful for this unexpected time at home and will go to Lada sometime in November, I believe.

Kody's mange, a gift of a neighborhood dog, seems to be improving. She is nearly a year old now and is a great watchdog and good company. She often sits by the badminton court in our yard when we play and we wonder what the game looks like from a canine perspective!

In the past week not only have I taken a break from blogging, but also from writing letters. If you've emailed in the past week (or several weeks!), I will be getting back to you. It's been wonderful to hear from some of you who have shared the story of God in your lives. Thanks for blessing and encouraging us!

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