Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Some days go as expected, but most don't. Like my request for my housegirl to buy 3-4 sweet potatoes. She explained the size of the bag she brought home as even LESS than the 34 I'd ordered! In July friends sent us a large box, and we've been tracking it online. It's been sitting in Manila since the end of August, and we had despaired of getting it any time soon when it showed up yesterday! It was like an early Christmas finding the things we'd ordered and many special things we hadn't! I'm trying to make yogurt, and I keep failing... I have "milk" in my cooler this evening that hasn't even begun to process (or whatever you call what happens between the mix and the yogurt!)

Garry has been able to get two men to help him on some projects in the hangar. They're putting up a wall, building shelves, and otherwise finishing things that need done. They seem to enjoy their work and are doing an excellent job.

Much to our chagrin, Kevin's allergies have returned with a bit of athsma. So far we've been able to keep it more or less under control with meds. Kaleb is also having a bit of an allergic reaction to something... I suppose it's the time of year!

All that to say, not only had I thought I'd get back to blogging sooner, but other things have come up unexpectedly as well!

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