Friday, October 06, 2006

While Paul was here Kevin had the opportunity to go along on one of the flights. He really enjoyed the opportunity to go flying again and also to spend the day at one of our locations! Paul and Garry had a profitable time with the team, being mutually encouraged in what God is doing and discussing their airstrip and other flight program business.

We are so thankful for Paul's visit and the blessing and help he was to us. Paul has a real gift for communicating Biblical truths through personal stories and we enjoyed hearing many of these stories. Kevin was particularly impressed with stories of Paul's early days as a missionary using river travel and living in villages with the people he was seeking to reach.

Garry was also able to discuss a lot of technical things with Paul-- maintenance issues, hangar set-up, program finances, and flight-related things. What a blessing to glean from Paul's years of experience! Paul's visit also reminded us what a blessing it is to have relationships that span long times-- Paul has visited us on every field where we've served and we worked together in Arizona. Memories are so much fun!

Since Paul left last Wednesday we've been busy tying up loose ends and making plans for the next few weeks. We are hoping to make a trip back to Lada (our "old" flight base) to do an inspection on an airplane that is stored there. The timing of this is dependent on paperwork from Manila and a trip Garry needs to make to Papua New Guinea at the beginning of November.

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