Monday, October 09, 2006

The sun has returned to Palawan! After nearly two weeks of rain (only once did we see the sun for a couple of hours!) we are thrilled to have some sunny days. Jason is flying again this week, so he's glad for the sunshine also.

The boys have been busy working on the yard lately. It seems the jungle is forever wanting to reclaim it! In the process we cleaned up some banana plants. That inspired both boys to build a fort. They each made one, but they've decided to share both of them! It's interesting to see their personalities and ages show through their handiwork.

Garry and I are busy with paperwork this week.... seems that is very common these days as we try to take care of different administrative aspects of the flight program. I am particularly busy these days with some financial issues. We're all looking forward to our trip to Lada when Garry is going to be working on the airplane and I'll have some time to catch up a bit.

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