Friday, June 01, 2007

Good morning! It doesn't seem possible that it's been nearly a week since I've posted. Life sometimes feels very routine and normal, and I just forget to get on the computer and let you know what's going on!

Jun, the man at the right, has been working at the hangar for several weeks. He's been making an explosion-proof room where we can store fuel. It's about finished now, except the metal door that someone else is making for us. Jun has done a number of othe projects for Garry. He knows a lot of people in town, and being in the construction business seems to know where to find everything-- an enormous amount of knowlege when there isn't a local Home Depot or other such store where you can get whatever you need!

Yesterday I got a text from the officer-in-charge of the motor vehicle office here in town. We've been waiting for our licenses for over a year, and in March Belle went to the office and talked to Ma'am Ning about it. Ma'am Ning asked who we were, and upon seeing my interim license apparently recognized us as "the people who brought cookies at Christmas". (Taking a small gift to the people you do business with is a fairly common thing here, but something about the cookies must have been memorable:)! She then told Belle that when she went to Manila, where the licenses apparently were, she would personally check into them. Sure enough, the text said she had our licenses and could I please come by her office. I enjoyed meeting her, though it was a bit interesting since she apparently didn't understand my English, and I for sure didn't understand her Tagalog. Lack of understanding didn't stop us exchanging a few pleasantries (at least I think that's what happened!) and I left the office feeling that I have a new friend.

I thought you might enjoy this picture from when our pastor and his wife were here. Barry and Kaleb challenged Garry and Kevin to several games of badminton. Great fun! The boys continue to play badminton and are gaining some skill as well as exercise.

Have a great weekend!

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