Monday, June 04, 2007


It seems that since I keep talking about the work at the hangar, I should finish the subject-- at least for now. The project isn't quite complete, but it is on hold for a little while!

We needed an "explosion proof" room in which to store our fuel, since our original idea of installing an underground tank was vetoed by airport officials. So, Jun came and began to work with several helpers. First they took down the temporary wood walls, then laid blocks. Finally, it was time to put a nice coat of cement, then paint, on the room! This room can hold several barrels of fuel, but storing large quantities in the hangar still isn't a good idea.

Meanwhile, at the guesthouse our extra fuel has been sitting on the ground. The plan was to store it in an old shipping container that is on the property there. First the guys stacked some blocks to place it on, so we can roll a barrel of fuel right out of the container onto the vehicle we use for transp0rting it to the airport. Then they moved the container itself, a job for a big front-end loader!

So, that's the fuel-storing story....

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