Thursday, March 27, 2008

Good afternoon! It's a a beautifully sunny day here in Puerto! It's also very warm which reminds me of a song about thankfulness by Andrew Petersen. He shows how we are usually wishing for something different than we have! So, I'm trying to learn to be thankful for what is here, in this moment in time. Thankful I'm warm while many of you are still struggling through a long winter and lack of sunshine.

This great tower took the better part of our office floor for a day or more, so I thought I'd share it with you.

We enjoyed lunch with a new friend from Mindanao today. He came to help with some loading and logistics for an SIL Bible presentation. They are here doing a lot of flying this week, using our hangar. Garry has enjoyed the time with the SIL guys that he seldom sees! He is also preparing to fly for a team that arrives here on Saturday.

I need to run to town to pick up a few things and maybe stop for a coffee. The boys are busy with projects here at home... gardening and building a steam engine.

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Cambodia Connect said...

Just stopped in to say a big Hi and God bless your day today! I love looking at the pics and reading your blog 'cause now I have been there and it transports my brain right back there. I am so glad we had the opportunity to visit- how precious!
Keep on pressing on, worshipping and serving our God.
Norine for the fam.