Thursday, March 20, 2008

We had a fun time with Suzy and the kids yesterday. Kaleb got a bit too close to the bees and has a half-closed eye to show for it. It's funny that Kevin has never had a swollen eye like this, but this is Kaleb's third time to get a reaction to something that swells his eye shut!

Today Garry finished up some paperwork for the inspection he did yesterday. We all plan to meet at Ben & Suzy's for lunch... I'm taking a poppyseed chicken dish and some salad over. I also tried some gluten-free brownies, but they look a little hopeless. I'll watch the kids for a while so Suzy can go do painting at their new house.

Happy Good Friday! While we remember Christ's death and his offering for us, we look forward to His resurrection. Death to bring New Life! In this country many people believe God is actually dead on "Black Saturday" and it shows in the way everything is closed up tight and faces are somber. Pray for this town and this country-- though there is a lot of outward religion, there is a lot of darkness here.

I'm off to lunch now. Have a wonderful day-- remember that we died with Him and we live by Him!

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