Sunday, March 23, 2008

I trust your Easter celebration was filled with the joy of New Life and the promise of resurrection! We had a lovely Easter here, focused on Christ's resurrection and the many gifts that are ours. We also enjoyed spending the day as a family-- how blessed we are to be family not once, but twice!

Kaleb wanted to color and hunt eggs, so we did that yesterday also. Since we couldn't capture the true Joy of Easter on film, I thought I'd blog a couple of pictures of coloring eggs:).

This morning Garry left for the airport early and was soon in the air. He's picking up some teens who are headed back to boarding school for their final semester as well as delivering supplies to build a clinic. Loading plywood and other construction supplies into a Cessna 185 can be quite an adventure, so I'm sure he's not struggling with boredom today:).

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