Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Garry is working in the city today and the boys and I are enjoying a quiet day at home. I caught a rather nasty cold this weekend and I'm trying to get the better of it. A friend just called and offered to bring some lunch by-- what a blessing! The boys are busy skating in the ditch across the road, and I'm thinking I'm going to have to go take some pictures to post!

Sometimes I feel lost....Swamped by the options. Humbled by the generosity. Lost in the open spaces and clear skies. Drowned by the choices. Amazed by the affluence. Overwhelmed by the opportunities. Intrigued by the constant push forward. Perplexed at the independence.... yes, lost.

You see, moving around as we have we no longer really "belong" either here or there. Coming "home" brings so many new experiences and new decisions. Our passion is hard to communicate in a world that seems foreign. We see our boys learning a million things about life here, yet they're only barely touching the surface.

Yet when we are "home" in the Philippines we are truly foreigners-- working on the outskirts of society in many ways. Isolated by our differences and welcomed because of our novelty. Forever standing out in a crowd.

And to think that we've been here for over 2 months! The number of ways we've settled in amazes me... and the number or ways we have yet to settle sometimes overwhelms me. Yet we are so blessed by our situation. It reminds us that one day we'll make a move that will require no adjustments or changes!

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