Sunday, February 15, 2009

This afternoon I got my blogger report and realized that some of you faithful ones are checking for updates. I really do intend to keep blogging while we are in Canada, though I haven't been very faithful to this point. Life, however, is beginning to fall into a semi-normal routine and I trust I will do better at keeping our blog up-to-date. So please, keep checking back!

Kevin and Kaleb have started carving with their grandpa. They're enjoying the opportunity to learn a new skill and spend time with Grandpa. Kevin made me this cowboy boot for my birthday. I'm pretty impressed! Kaleb is working on bird now and Kevin's busy with a polar bear.

This weekend Garry is up north with several other EMC missionaries. Several of the churches are having their missions conferences this weekend and Garry was glad to be able to participate. He called for a short chat last evening and it sounds like the trip is going well. I'm excited to hear the rest of what God has been doing this weekend when he gets home!

While Garry was gone the boys and I enjoyed junk food-- pizza, Pepsi, sandwiches, hotdogs. We thought maybe we should eat all the things Garry can't eat while he's gone so at least he doesn't have to suffer through watching us enjoy them. Between eating we've been busy relaxing, playing games, and spending time with family.

Kaleb had his first sledding accident since I last wrote-- he came down the hill the boys made in our front yard and his face was the first thing to contact the ice. He had a pretty good black eye for a day or two! It hasn't dampened his enthusiasm for sledding at all.

This past week Garry spent a lot of time on e-mail and the telephone with people from the Philippines. Several different things have come up that needed his attention as we look to the future of the flight program in the Philippines. He's been encouraged by his interactions over the past week and we continue to pray that God would lead clearly as we make plans for the future.

I thought you might enjoy this short video of the birthday gift Kaleb made for me-- a homemade gumball machine... which actually dispenses grapes instead of gumballs because they are more readily available in our house!

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Kevin said...

hi, mmmmm I'm commenting i guess:) nobody else is commenting so i thought i would be a first..... and maybe a last:) I'm done with school for today and it is only 2:30!!!! not that i don't like school I'm just glad that I'm done. he he he he! or i guess because we are in Canada it would be ha ha ha ha!!!