Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's a lazy Sunday afternoon at our house, so thought I'd check in here. I've got a nasty cold and spent the morning trying to sleep it away. It isn't quite gone yet, but I do feel MUCH better! Then we went to Brenda's house for lunch-- she's amazing at making great Sunday lunches! Today it was beef stew and salad. And some amazing chocolate muffins with cream cheese filling for dessert... not telling how many of those Kevin enjoyed!

This is another of Kevin's carvings... a bird he hasn't added feet to yet, so he/she has to stay propped at all times. He's pretty incredible with his carving knife!

Garry's trip up north was amazing! He was so blessed by the people up there and so encouraged by so many different things. One thing we've been talking about lots since he got home is that God longs to bless us and pour out his love and grace on our lives. Yet when we try to "make life work" on our own, we stop Him from blessing us. He wants to be everything!

This week Garry has also spent a fair amount of time on Philippines stuff. Things seem to be coming together on many different fronts, something we are incredibly thankful for!

Kaleb is outside working on a snow fort and Kevin is waiting to get on the computer when I get done. I should really go boil some eggs for supper, so I'll close for now... I'm making a traditional Mennonite faspa, I think.... or maybe it only seems traditional to me!

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