Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Ever have a day you wouldn't want to repeat-- not one with major catastrophe, just a remarkably normal day that somehow got crazy? Well, this has been one of those for me! It started when my radio didn't work properly this morning... or maybe it was that the atmosphere wasn't allowing my radio proper propagation? At any rate, what is usually a quick check-in turned into a longer process.

I went upstairs and found out that Kevin hardly slept last night. His allergies were worse than they have been since we moved to Mindanao. We decided he needed something, but that makes him so groggy.

The boys and I ate breakfast ("this again, mom?") and I realized I wasn't quite ready for my day.... what's for lunch? I forgot to print school papers. yeah, one of those moments. So I scurried off to take care of those things, when my mom called. Of course, I haven't talked to her for a while. So, that was a rather nice interruption.

We finally got school started, then I got a Skype that I was needed by the radio. Back to the radio. On the cell phone. Skype chat. One communication problem solved, then back to school. The accounting course didn't explain something properly, according to my son. So that took a while. Kaleb's waiting for me. The spelling sheets still aren't printed.... yeah, it just went on like that! So, it's late afternoon now and I can't say I'm sad to see this day coming to an end.

After all, even if tomorrow's the same, at least I can start again after some sleep-- hopefully!

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