Monday, February 08, 2010

Good afternoon! Here are some photos from my birthday last week-- what fun we all had! Garry took us to a place that's about a 45 minutes from here and has great food. They have a lot of "western food", right down to a great hamburger and rich desserts! Saturday Bailey found out I hadn't had a birthday cake a proceeded to make one and invite us for dinner... a special treat! The other thing interesting about my birthday this year is that it's the first time I've gotten "you're not really getting old" cards.... so, guess I am!

We continue to pray that the parts will arrive here soon... they are still delayed in customs, though apparently they are currently being assessed. We know God's timing is perfect, but we also realize that we need to continue to pray His will.

Garry and Brian are at the hangar today arranging some flights for tomorrow with SIL and getting the airplane ready to install the parts when they arrive. We have been really challenged again lately to simply pray for the flight program here and for God's leading and work in our lives and around us. Simple. Basic. Yet something that can get "lost" in the busyness of our lives.

The boys and I have been doing school and normal life today... what a great feeling to be able to report that! We have had so many unusual days I was afraid I wouldn't even recognize normal when it happened!

A big thank you to those of you who log in and read our blog. Thanks for caring and for coming here to check it out. Thanks for praying with us and standing with us in what God is doing here!

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