Monday, February 15, 2010

Good morning! Garry is off to Manila today and the boys are still sleeping... great time to catch up with you all! Garry will be spending some time over the next week in government aviation offices and at 2 locations in northern Luzon. Our helicopter pilot and his family arrived here on the field a few weeks ago and Garry is going to help him start his pilot license process. They will also be checking on the property in northern Luzon where we plan to locate the helicopter when it arrives. Somewhere in there Garry will also be checking out our C180 that is currently stored in northern Luzon-- 3 of our pilot/mechanics are headed there to do some work on it and do an annual inspection.

As a matter of prayer, the helicopter is ready to ship when the needed finances are received. Northen Luzon will be without flight service from March when SIL is finished flying there until the helicopter is operational.

The parts we needed have finally arrived, so when Garry and Brian get back here they will soon be flying again. We are very thankful they were finally released from customs and delivered! Thanks for praying!

This weekend is the opening of a large festival here in Bukidnon. It's called Kaamulan and has something to do with ethnic groups... we'll learn more about it's meaning later. For now, it has been amazing to watch people building bamboo buildings-- what was an open field 2 weeks ago is now FULL of bamboo shops. It's incredible the effort people are putting into this yearly event. And the innovation and creativity is mind-boggling! The photos are all of these temporary shops-- most of them won't be up for more than a month!

Yesterday Garry and I took some time to go out for coffee before he left today. There is a nice little place in town where they make fresh fruit shakes and espresso coffee-- a perfect combination for us! Yesterday after we'd finished our drinks Garry got up before I did. While I was still sitting there I saw a small mouse scurry under my chair. I don't remember a restaurant, even a nice one, in Palawan where we've never seen mice, so I wondered if it was even worth mentioning. When I told Garry I'd seen a mouse his reply surprised me, "Oh, I saw it before! I was just hoping you wouldn't see it!" Too funny.... I guess you get used to funny things!

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jen schwab said...

Eww yuck! We saw a rat at the sushi restaurant in Puerto one time. Kinda makes you loose your appetite. Have fun at Kaamulan!