Friday, December 03, 2010

Kevin drew this the other day and I thought it was pretty good.

Brian did get back to town with one of the patients. The other spent that night in heaven. Thankfully, the unbeliever survived until the plane got there and is now receiving medical attention in town. The one who passed away was a believer, and his family was glad that he could leave peacefully from home instead of in a hospital if it was his time. Thanks for your prayers for the family.

Garry and Josh did a LOT of flying the first few days of this week. Josh did a great job and will be able to have his checkride and get his more permanent pilot license soon! Brian has also done a lot of flights this week, though several were delayed because of bad weather.

On Friday Garry took the damaged engine to the city to ship it back to the US for repairs. He was really thankful for Terry who met him and helped him through the tangle at the shipping office. I enjoyed riding along!

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Kevin said...

hey, why did you put my silly picture on here? that was not very nice! you could at least warn me:)