Monday, November 29, 2010

Our Thanksgiving photos are finally able to be uploaded... long story. But anyway, didn't Bailey set a beautiful table? It was so much fun! And even though the day is over, thankfulness is always in season, despite the pain in our world.

This morning is bleak.... just a bit overcast but not exactly cool. There are 2 really sick patients in one of our remote locations. They asked for an emergency flight Sunday night, which we hoped to do yesterday. Brian tried to get in there all day, but weather wouldn't allow it. This morning doesn't look much better. At least one of the patients is unsaved. We are asking God to spare her life so she can know Him and spend eternity with Him. Missionaries from the indigenous church have just recently begun teaching in her village, so she hasn't even heard the Good News of Jesus.

Garry and Josh are doing some more flying this morning... they've been burning up hours in the sky the past few days. Josh is doing a great job getting used to flying again and Garry is enjoying their time together.

Just got a text that Brian is in the location of the patients, but bad weather is coming quickly. I'll update when we find out the end of this story for the day. This morning I read in Psalms that God is two things: both strong and loving. What a wonderful Father we have who does all things well!

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