Monday, November 08, 2010

Crazy Friday blended right in to Crazy Saturday, Unexpected Sunday, and Get-Going Monday....

We actually had lots of fun on Saturday driving to the city (it's about 3 hours, more or less), doing a little shopping, seeing the chiropractor, taking the boys to badminton, and wrapping it all up with ice-cream with a friend. Lest you get the wrong picture of our illustrious city, here are some photos of the normal traffic there and a look at the wiring.

Sunday we slept in a bit then had breakfast at the hotel, went swimming, and headed out for lunch before parting ways with Garry. He was headed to Manila and the rest of us were coming home. We were nearly out of town when Garry called to say his flight had been delayed a few hours.

While we were driving home it started pouring and looked like late evening by 3 pm. All considered we made good time. While we were enjoying supper we got a call from Garry that his flight had been cancelled. A few minutes later he called to say that maybe they were going to do it after all. In the end he spent the evening standing in different lines for different things. Around 10:30 pm he got to a hotel and called it a day.

Garry took the first available flight to Manila, which was this afternoon. It was thankfully quite boring today! Now he's at our mission guesthome and the boys and I are home doing school and keeping the dog fed. Garry had some things planned for this evening, but both of them got cancelled, so he had some time to touch base with friends and still call it an early night.

It's getting late, I'm getting old, or both. You see, I can't seem to remember what else I wanted to blog about today.....

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