Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ever feel like you're looking at the back of even the slowest vehicle on the road of life? Ever have the sense that while everyone else is going somewhere you're more or less standing still? It's not a fun feeling. And it's usually more rooted in our fear of failure and our tendency to compare than it is rooted in reality. Nonetheless, sometimes I feel that way....

I should blog more often, I should make school more interesting, I should answer letters more quickly, we should invite the neighbors over for dinner, I should get more exercise, I should make healthier meals, I should be more spontaneous or more scheduled, we should be more.... the list is endless! Yet God's words to us are never those of condemnation. He does convict us, but He never condemns us. He sees us through the blood of Jesus! He has made us new, and He is committed to conforming us to the image of His Son day by day.

Enough pondering! This week Garry has been helping Brian between flights and doing a little flying himself. He's also spent a lot of hours in the office, catching up on e-mails, parts orders, and program paperwork. This weekend he's headed back to Palawan to sign off the annual there.

Kevin and Kaleb are still studying hard. School is going well and they are making progress, seeing the halfway point of the school year getting somewhat closer.

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