Thursday, November 04, 2010

Good morning... crazy Friday here! It should be a calm day, but so far it hasn't felt like that. I did have a nice walk with Garry this morning and a good chat with my mom. But I'm feeling the pressure of a lot of things that need taken care of today.... or that I think need taken care of, to be more accurate. God's perspective on it is what I really need, because what HE is doing WILL be accomplished!

The guys turned in the paperwork last Friday, but the lady who is supposed to take the payment for processing the papers hasn't been in the office. We continue to pray and wait expectantly for His will to be done. Soon several of our teams will be doing translation checks and it would be a big benefit to have the airplane flying again then, from our perspective. But again, our perspective isn't the one that matters!

Tomorrow we will head to the city for the day and on Sunday Garry will head off for some leadership meetings.

The boys did, in fact, get a badminton trainer. Coach Roy spends about 6 hours on the bus to come train the boys for 3 hours. Amazing, isn't it?! He's a very good trainer and has already been helpful to the boys.

Oh, and I finally got the photos of Garry... I'm posting a few today and changed some of the photos from last week.

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