Thursday, October 28, 2010

Good morning! Still no updated photos... for some reason all the pictures from the hangar that showed Garry won't download on to my computer. Go figure!

Garry and Ben finished work on the airplane on Tuesday and finished the paperwork on Wednesday. Ben couldn't get a flight home yesterday, so he left this morning with the paperwork in hand. Joel plans to meet Ben at the airport in Manila and deliver the paperwork to the appropriate offices. We are praying that it is quickly approved... which would be a miracle since we aren't turning it in until Friday afternoon and Monday is a holiday here. But, we serve a God of miracles.

We are very excited that the boys have found a badminton trainer, we think. A friend was going to come train them, but then he got sore eyes. Maybe tomorrow.

Another week of school done! This marks the end of our first quarter-- yeah! We are so happy to hit this milestone!

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Patrick said...

The pictures add quit a bit more to the posts. Thanks.