Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Tuesday here now. Where does the time go?! Garry finished his week in Palawan and accomplished the things he went there to do. He had good flights with both the guys as well as spending a lot of time just talking with them about the program there and some of the issues they're facing.

Here at home we finished school for the week, which was a very nice thing. We also started a really fun read-aloud. On Friday I went to the city to pick up Garry and enjoyed the ride with a friend who needed to go to the city also. The hours in the car sped by-- first talking to Lynne then to Garry on the way home!

The weekend was sort of a blur. Monday we spent getting Garry and Kevin ready to go. That's right, Kevin went with Garry to pick up the airplane! They left around 4 am this morning and arrived at their destination sometime around 3:30. Apparently they were able to install the new prop and run the engine a bit before the rain came late this afternoon.

This afternoon Kaleb and I went to Bailey's for a while. It was good to catch up a bit.... and eat her cookies and drink her coffee! We had anticipated that this program in Mindanao would be slow for a while, but all of us in the flight program have been plenty busy. Which means it's extra good to take the time to talk about everything and nothing.

Tomorrow morning Garry hopes to fly home! Kevin will ride back in the car with Brian, since he can't go in the airplane this time. And hopefully they'll bring some really good photos...

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