Sunday, October 10, 2010

Monday just after noon, and I'm sure hoping someone will soon make lunch. I think we're doing fried egg sandwiches, which is one of Kaleb's favorites... and cooks very quickly! And I'm guessing I'm the one designated to get it on the table.

Last week Garry got a good start on the inspection and this week I think Brian is finishing that up. Garry is starting to get things organized for the engine change. He had hoped to get to the hangar quite early today, but his few minutes of e-mails ended up taking longer than expected. When he left for the hangar I got the feeling he was actually trying to escape from the office!

The boys and I are finishing up a bit of school before we take a week break... can't believe it's been 6 week already since we started. We are taking our break now because this weekend we're taking the boys to a badminton tournament so it's good timing to take a break. Also, next week the boys are going to help Garry with the engine install, I think.

Did I tell you the helicopter container has arrived? Our broker says it should be out of customs this week! We pray it is so.

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