Monday, October 18, 2010

The container arrived and was unloaded quite uneventfully yesterday afternoon. This morning Kevin and Garry are working on the airplane, getting things ready to install the engine. Garry had been waiting for some paint for the engine mounts, and that also arrived this weekend. So now it looks like all the important pieces for getting the airplane flying again are here!

Kaleb is busy tweaking his last balsa wood airplane, and I'm sitting here typing, obviously. I need to get my day arranged... well, what's left of it. Do you have days where it is just hard to get going and then when you finally do something it seems to turn out wrong and have to be corrected? If so, you can feel with me today.

This is our week of school since its' a great opportunity for the boys to work with Garry. That means it's my week to finish a lot of things that have been waiting for my attention... really. And I was hoping to blog some of our latest inspiring and funny happenings.

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