Monday, October 25, 2010

Garry and Ben continue to work hard at the airport. The new engine is in place and they are hoping to run it today. Yesterday they ran into some small snags, but overall it's gone remarkably well. I think Josh is sending some parts from Palawan that they need. Thankfully we have a courier here that is reasonable and delivers things throughout the Philippines in a day or two.

The guys have been pulling some rather long days, and it's reminded me of one of my weaknesses-- I think a decent meal fixes most things. So, the longer they work the harder I try to get something decent on the table in the evening. By the time Garry gets home, though, he's more tired than hungry. Still, I think it has to help something... my conscience if nothing else!

This afternoon I went to town to get some cash from the ATM machine and pick up a few things. I took a trike to my first stop and walked a block or so to the bank from there. After going through the whole ATM routine with your PIN, choosing an account, etc, the machine was out of cash. So i went to a second machine a few more blocks up the street. It was off-line. The third machine, a couple more blocks down the road, was also out of cash. By then I had nearly walked home. I got in a trike anyway, because I needed to pick up water from the water purification place. I had planned to pick up a few veggies, but since the ATMs haven't been working for a few days, I was totally out of cash. There's always tomorrow.

I'm really thankful that Kevin is feeling better today. It's been simply amazing how often he's been sick since we moved here last year. Thankfully none of the rest of us seem to be getting this cold.

We're back to school today, and I've actually enjoyed the routine of it. I love teaching the boys and seeing them learn different things. I love knowing what they're doing and seeing them grow. Kevin has been writing a fair amount of poetry lately, neat poems that express truth about God and life. What a joy to read what he's written!

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