Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Today I thought I'd post a few photos of some of our friends in one of the remote locations. These folks are from one of our locations that has a strong church. The church has its own leadership and is reaching out to new areas. The missionaries who currently live there are mostly involved in developing materials and doing translation-- they are the helpers, not the leaders! What a work of God!

Garry took both Kevin and Kaleb to the hangar today. Yesterday Garry and Kevin got a lot done and it sounds like today is going well also. Changing the engine on an airplane is just a lot of work.... work which the guys enjoy doing together! At the end of the week one of our other pilots will come to help finish up the project and help on the paperwork. It will be fun to touch base with him also!

I'm home alone for the whole day, something that seldom happens. And I'm enjoying every moment of it! I had a long list of things I wanted to do, but I doubt I'll finish them. Someone once told me that when I start a "to do" list I have no common sense... it might just be true.

Lately I've been "living" in the Psalms, reading through so many prayers of people who are simply pouring out their hearts to God. It brings me back to truth in a new way, that in the midst of suffering there is truth, love, and justice. What we see with our eyes and experience in our lives is not the whole story-- God is bent on redemption and He will do it. He is building His church, growing us into the people we need to be. We can rest in Him, in His total provision, ultimate justice, and limitless grace. We must stand against sin, but we must not be discouraged when things are not resolved in our timeframe.

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