Saturday, October 23, 2010

Some days I think I'd like to do something really remarkable. Something that matters, that's noteworthy. Partially because I'd like to feel good about doing something useful: partially because it would make a good blog post...

Today I was reminded that we never know what we're doing, really. A friend of Kevin's texted me for advice this morning. His chest hurts, and he doesn't even smoke. What can he do? Really, I think he just wanted someone to care... but I offered my limited advice anyway. This is the friend that told Kevin he respects him for living differently, but he isn't sure he wants to make any changes in his life. His friends are afraid to come play badminton with Kevin because this guy has told them there will be no dirty language when Kevin is around and they're not sure they can hold their tongues. When Kevin says he is different because of God his friend tells him he isn't ready to talk about that yet. So we wait. We sow seeds. We offer friendship. And today I remembered that this, too, is important. Not a great blog, but important.

Ben arrived yesterday and he and Garry are at the hangar today. They were hoping to mount the engine today, I think.

Kevin came home sick yesterday-- he has yet another nasty cold.

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