Monday, October 18, 2010

The container is on its way to the hangar today! It arrived in the closest port yesterday and is headed here by truck right now! This is a real answer to prayer-- we thought from the time the container left the USA that today would be the very first possible day for it to arrive here. And it is on the road, a real answer to prayer!

On a funny side note, when the trucking company called they asked Garry if he needed strippers to help unload. When he said that would be helpful she asked if they needed to be dressed in a particular way... made me laugh. Then at the tournament Kevin's partner excused himself because he was "going into the toilet". Language is a funny thing.

We spent the weekend in the city at a badminton tournament. Both boys did really well, though they didn't win this time. We also had good opportunities to connect with different people. We pray our lives are a witness in this environment... our language is limited, but our lives are not! We also enjoyed the time away from our normal lives and responsibilities, time to be together as a family and just enjoy one another's company.

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