Thursday, December 30, 2010

This week we celebrated our 19th anniversary... it's been quite the ride! Looking back on our years together we can hardly believe all the places we've been and the things we've done. Like most of you, we could never have imagined that our lives would be like they have been! Wow, God!

We are so blessed by Kevin and Kaleb, the wonderful sons God has given us. We are amazed at the things we've learned and the incredible people we've met. We are thankful for the many people we've worked with in different places. We are humbled by the team that God has given us to stand with us through so many changes and so many journeys.

We celebrated by going out to lunch at our favorite local restaurant. Garry bought me a lazy susan for the table and a full length mirror. He surprised me with flowers. I am married to a truly amazing man... not primarily for the lovely ways he surprises me, but because of his heart for God and the way he cherishes me. I could go on and on, but I can already sense his face turning red!

Over break Kevin has been enjoying riding the motorcycle, particularly since he got some cool gear for Christmas. Kaleb and Garry are making him a light box today so he can improve his animation drawings, his newest idea of fun.

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Patrick said...

Mary and I would like to say to you and Garry, Happy Anniversary.
We often tell each other "You (to each other)are the best thing to happen to me this side of Heaven, second to my relationship to Jesus." Congratulations and many more until Jesus comes to receive us unto Himself. I think then we will trully understand the marriage relationship.