Thursday, January 06, 2011

I thought today I'd post a couple more pictures from our anniversary dinner... primarily because they finally got off my camera and on to my computer! Plus, I thought you might like to see them...

We are back to school this week and into normal routine. It actually feels quite good! The boys have been doing a great job of getting their school finished every day. Kevin is also back in his training schedule. And Kaleb is back making airplanes... I wanted to post some photos of them, but he has dismantled several to improve them, so there aren't any whole airplanes for a picture!

Garry has spent the majority of his week so far in the office and on the phone. He leaves Sunday for some meetings in Manila so he's been preparing for that as well as for Josh's checkout in Palawan. One morning he got up early to do some flying while the winds were calm.

Bailey and the kids got back on Tuesday after three weeks away. It was so good to see them! We are so blessed to have a team that we enjoy being with, people we love and appreciate. People we like to work with.

It's been raining nearly every day and the pile of wet laundry has been growing. Even though it's been hanging on the line under the roof most of the time, there are clothes that have been hanging for 3 days and are still damp! Today the sun came out and we were able to get most of it dry-- what a great feeling. Of course, clothes that take that long to dry have a unique odor.

Lately I've been reading some interesting books. One was a book by G.K. Chesterton that reminded me once more of the wonder and beauty all around us. It's easy to get caught up in daily routines and lose the wonder of God and the world He's created for us to enjoy. Chesterton remarked that while pain may be a problem for us to understand, the harder thing to understand should be why an infinite God would bless us with such an amazing, beautiful world in which to live, a world filled with variety in a million ways.

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