Tuesday, January 11, 2011

This is the day of Kaleb's airplanes, as requested by Patrick. These are just a few of the current models. The balsa wood ones Kaleb designed himself. The white one is from a kit. Kaleb really wanted to post photos of these flying (which they all do well), but we couldn't capture that, so....

Garry is in Manila for some meetings this week. There are quite a few important things up for discussion this week, and it has been amazing how God is giving insight and ideas!

It sounds like Garry is also having fun, apart from having to sit still so long! I'm quite jealous that he gets to catch up with many of our friends. And this evening he had dinner with our two helicopter pilot couples... fun!

The boys and I are holding down the fort at home and doing school. Today we went out for lunch so I wouldn't have to cook... and because when Garry gets home he isn't going to want to see the inside of a restaurant for a long while! We also played badminton today. Kaleb has been using his time launching and improving bottle rockets. It's quite incredible how high they can go!

This year I got quite a bit of new praise and worship music for Christmas. I'm enjoying listening to new music and learning new songs. It is amazing how music affects me and what I think-- it has such a powerful way of turning my mind and heart back God, the Creator and Sustainer of life.

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Patrick said...

Mary often times sings to herself. It is a joyful noise and singing brings a contentment to her soul also. Maybe I should sing to myself.