Friday, January 14, 2011

Garry got home on Thursday! I picked him up at the airport on Thursday morning and we spent a couple of hours running around the city together before heading home. It was good to hear what God did in the meetings in Manila-- there were so many things on the table for discussion in regards to our flight program, and God gave unity on those things.

Someone once told me that if we don't pray about things we don't see the way God works. I think it's often true. When we bring our requests to the Father, we see when He answers. At other times other people are praying, but we're not: in those instances God's answers feel more like "how it worked out". Another blessing of prayer-- seeing the reality of God's work!

Kevin is off riding motorbikes this morning, Garry is doing some flying, and Kaleb went to the hangar to fly with Garry and try his new bottle rockets out there (there's more space for them to fly without getting caught in trees.

The boys have been riding bicycles quite a bit lately. Kevin grew out of his frame and just got a bigger one, which has made riding more fun for him. He also got biking shoes with clips. And riding more means more washing the bikes and working on them. Overall, it's been making them busy!

Last night Brian and Bailey invited us over for pizza and a movie. What fun to get together with friends and just relax and enjoy ourselves!

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