Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Kevin left yesterday on a survey trip with Dave, one of our missionary friends. As NTM seeks to partner effectively with local churches and spend their energies reaching the most needy of tribal folks, surveys are key in finding viable locations in which to minister. Kevin and Dave are on motorbike, riding some remote but beautiful parts of the country. While Kevin can't communicate because of the language, hopefully he's good company for Dave while he learns from him. What an opportunity for Kevin!

Though Kevin is on his motorcycle and not his bicycle, I can only imagine he's about this dirty by now:).

These days we get a lot of carolers at our house, only a small percentage of which have apparently sung together or practiced before arriving at the door. The real point of caroling here is to ask for a "small something" for Christmas. Small treats are in order, and we have a pretty good stash of them.

I've also done a fair amount of baking, some of which we've taken to friends and businesses in town. It seems something homemade is a real treat... and that made me wonder whether this is something "odd" we do here, or whether all our friends at home are baking for each other-- swapping plates of cookies, Christmas bread, and other treats. Strange to say, I have no clue!

As I finished a plate of cookies for the neighbors the other evening one of the boys asked for something and got a rather snippy reply from me. It brought me back to reality-- the joy, love, and abundance of Christmas should be apparent not only to our friends and those we consider "needy" at this time of year, but also to our family. Why do I spend my energy baking for the neighbors and wish my kids would give me a little peace? There's something wrong in that, and adjustment is needed!

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hey i want that picture:) the broken fork has to be a blog post sooner or later for