Tuesday, December 13, 2011

On Saturday morning we headed back to the city for a one-day badminton tournament. Kevin and Kaleb both played well, though neither of them won this time. We enjoyed doing some fun things together-- swimming, eating pizza, and playing pool.

Monday morning Garry and Kevin went to Manila for a hearing with immigration and a couple of father-son days. Kevin got more good badminton at his favorite court as well as learning to string badminton racquets. Kaleb and I drove home, stopping for lunch at little gas station and having some adventures of our own.

I thought you might like to meet Mr. Lego, one of Kaleb's recent creations. Kaleb seems to continually find new mediums for creating and testing things, and he was inspired by some photos on the web to see if he could make a simple picture out of Lego. Yesterday he started making various puppets after watching the creator of "Sesame Street" do so on a short YouTube clip.

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