Saturday, December 03, 2011

Yeah for Saturday! I am so enjoying not doing school today, and the boys are not far behind in their excitement. As simply as we do school, I'm not really sure why it's so exciting to have a day off. It just is:).

One of our friends took these photos the other day... and doctored them up a bit. Anyway, I had such a good laugh that I thought I should pass the photos on to you! This is the last day of Joel's checkout at one of our airstrips, a rather challenging one at that.

Garry enjoyed his time in Northern Luzon and is now in Palawan. He is really enjoying getting to know Tim and Kay as well as catching up with our pilot families and other friends along the way. It's been a busy trip, but a good one so far. Monday he'll head back to Manila to turn in some aircraft paperwork and meet with field leadership. Hopefully he'll make it home on Tuesday!

Culture hits you at the strangest times. Yesterday I took Kevin to the barber shop. Although there were 6 chairs, only 3 of them were in use. The barbers were busy snipping away and a row of 3 guys sat on a bench, apparently waiting their turn. We sat down quietly and waited close to half an hour. When the barber closest to us began to pack up his stuff and lock drawers, I asked him how much longer we'd have to wait. "For what, ma'am?"

"My son is waiting his haircut."

"Oh. He can sit here," and he motioned to one of the empty chairs. As Kevin took his seat one of the guys stood up and came over. Apparently he was one of the barbers, not a customer! In fact, I think all 3 of the guys on the other side of the shop who were sitting facing us were barbers waiting for customers. Go figure-- after all, what did they think we were doing there?!

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