Thursday, February 09, 2012

Garry is headed to the hangar this morning with a couple of the guys to finish up an inpsection. He's enjoying getting his hands dirty this week and interacting with the guys at the hangar instead spending so many hours at this desk. It's funny how life is, how things change-- a few years ago I couldn't have imagined that days at the hangar would be the minority for Garry. Yet here we are. And God is good, His grace is sufficient, and His ways are good.  Have you pondered today the fact that we are children of the Most High God? Amazing. Humbling. Comforting. Blessed. Peaceful. Secure.

This blog has been somewhat mundane of late, primarily because so many things are going on that have been (and are) in the planning stages. I'm working on a newsletter, but until I get that out, I really don't want to share our latest plans on the blog. So, maybe I should go write that newsletter!

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