Saturday, February 18, 2012

It's Saturday evening and we've just finished a great week of meetings. Our time with our Philippine Aviation team was amazing. Three of our families are on furlough, but the remaining five families had a great time together. God gave us ideas and wisdom as we discussed what needs to happen in the flight program over the next months. It was so encouraging to meet together and see how each person on the team has great gifts to offer the team.

We enjoyed great fellowship, good food, and profitable discussions together. Some friends took care of the kids for us while we met, which was a huge blessing. The effort they put into creating crafts and planning fun things for the kids was amazing. Our guesthome prepared snacks and lunches for us every day and suppers several evenings. So many people invested in these meetings, and we saw God do many things through the time together. Thank you, Jesus!

While we were in meetings the boys did school and spent time with friends. Kaleb took a nasty spill on his bicycle early this week, so he's had to slow down a bit. Thankfully it's healing well and he's running around more or less normally now.

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