Saturday, February 25, 2012

It's Saturday afternoon. Already! This week has flown as we have packed suitcases, made arrangements for our house and dog while we're gone, and tied up loose ends for the aviation program. If you've ever left your house empty and a pet at home for 8-12 weeks, you know some of what we're facing in making plans. That our helper needs employment while we're gone is both a blessing and a challenge. It's been somewhere close to crazy in my estimation!

Garry was able to do some flying with Joel, though they weren't able to complete the flights they were trying to do together. Weather delayed them by two days, which isn't that unusual here. Their time at the hangar proved profitable anyway, and they accomplished what they needed to do.

We have a car! We are so excited that Garry's dad was able to find the perfect van for us... well, actually I think God found it, but Dad did the looking. As things begin to fall into place for our week in Canada, it's getting more exciting to go.

Kevin was pretty disappointed when the tournament he planned to enter was postponed to the weekend after we leave Canada. We know God has good plans in that as well. It was interesting to me because tournament dates are often changed here, and it often frustrates me because we make travel plans according to the dates they give, then their dates change and our plans are already made. (We try to plan our ministry travel to take in a tournament when possible.) This was a good reminder that life just happens, no matter where you live!

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