Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I was thinking about this blog today and the fact that soon I will need to at least create a new subtitle. After all, we are moving out of hands-on "missionary piloting"  and into training and other other aspects of mission aviation. If you have an idea for a subtitle, share it!

The other thing I've been thinking about is whether I will blog through our transition to life in North America. After all, most of my readers call North America home. However, given our history I'm pretty sure this transition will have plenty of interesting moments.

This week we got the suitcases out and started putting things in them. A week in Manila, a week in Manitoba, a few days on the road, and six weeks in Arizona make for some pretty interesting packing. I'm trying to think about how cold Manitoba will be, but I can't quite fathom it from this side of the world.

We were serious about packing for a few hours yesterday, between school and some other more normal things that needed attended to. Today Garry went flying with Joel, but something malfunctioned on the airplane and they had to come home before they made it to their destination. Thankfully, they got the airplane fixed, but by then the weather wasn't workable to complete the flight. So, they cleaned out the fueling system at the hangar. Tomorrow they'll head to the hangar and try the flight again:).

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