Saturday, June 23, 2012

Car sale

Selling a vehicle is always somewhat challenging, at least for us. And selling a vehicle in a country like this one can be even more so. Our neighbor originally asked to purchase the car, but that didn't work out in the end. When we finally put a "for sale" sign on the car, lots of people called and texted, but nobody seemed to have money. We wondered how it would all work out. But God!

While I was in the hospital with dengue, one of the nurses came to our room and asked about the car. We told her a price, and her husband came to look at it the next day. He was thrilled with the CRV and told us he wanted it. However, he said it would take a few days to get the money together. We thought we'd heard that story before:). We were shocked when he texted the next afternoon to say he was on his way with cash! Wow!

From all we could communicate, we think this couple are believers. They had been praying for a car and dreaming of getting a CRV! We saw them later and they are simply thrilled with the car. And we are so thankful that God sold the car in His good time, to His choice of person. I love that kind of thing, that assurance that God is doing things His way, in His time.

We are currently in the city,  enjoying a couple days as a family before heading to Palawan. We are so thankful for this time to reflect on all that God has done, to say our mental "goodbyes" to so much of our everyday lives, and to simply enjoy life.

Garry's back continues to improve, but he is still not functioning like normal. I also continue to get more stamina, but it apparently takes a long while to really get over dengue fever.

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