Sunday, June 17, 2012

Not boring!

Life has not gotten boring yet. In fact, some days it feels like a week has passed between morning and evening! God has been so incredibly good to us over the last while, as He always is. 

We moved out of our house here just over a week ago, sold everything that we're not shipping to Canada, Palawan, or Manila, and shipped our crates to Canada. Things have gone incredibly well, all considered. We've been staying at friend's house for the past week, finishing up stuff at our house and tying up loose ends here in Mindanao.

Tomorrow we head to the city for a few days. Before we know it we'll be in Palawan, beginning our last pilot checkout! 

Garry's back is doing much, much better. However, it doesn't look like he'll be doing much lifting or twisting for a while yet. My energy is coming back, slowly but surely. It's a little hard to gauge exactly how much energy I have because moving is a real energy drain any way you cut it.

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